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Dime Size
Nickel to Quarter Size $80 - $140
Quarter to Half Dollar Size $100 - $180
Golf Ball to Baseball Size $140 - $260
Baseball to Softball Size $180 - $300
Softball to Volleyball Size $220 - $340
Volleyball to Soccer Ball Size $260 - $400
Soccer Ball to Basketball Size $300 - $460
Basketball Size & Larger
$400 & Up

Pricing for "Paintless Dent Removal", (PDR), is pretty standard in the Front Range of Colorado. This is true among the well established dent companies. If you get prices that are extremely lower it is a good idea to be leery.

There are however several factors in determining prices:

1.  Ballpark estimate from Photos is strictly that ... a ballpark/price range.
2.  Final repair price MUST be determined on-site ... face to face.
3.  Type of impact.  (Is it a door ding, minor collision, shopping cart, kid's bike, pole hit, etc).
4.  Size of the dent.  (See above).
5.  Depth of the dent.  (How much force it took to create the dent).
6.  Location of the dent.  (Is it on the door, roof, hood, etc ... also, is it near or on an edge or a body line).
7.  Type of metal.  (Steel or Aluminum Panel? Aluminum is more difficult to repair than steel. Steel has a memory whereas aluminum does not).

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